Joint MeCoDEM/INFOCORE Workshop for Early Career Researchers on Sep 6, 2016

MeCoDEM and INFOCORE offered a joint workshop for early career researchers on Tuesday September 6 (all day) at the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds.

TheĀ programme revolved around the topics of media, communication, ICTs in conflict societies and emerging democracies. Participants included PhD students and early career researchers working on this theme. They tweeted from the event using #mediaconflict.

joint-workshop_mecodem_infocore_aleksThe workshop focused on the link between media and civil and violent conflicts in developing and democratising countries. The workshop was jointly supported by two EU-funded projects, MeCoDEM and INFOCORE. Some of the papers presented at the workshop have emerged from these projects, while others are independent studies with related thematic concerns.

joint-workshop_mecodem_infocore_04_groupThe workshop was hosted by the University of Leeds and jointly organised by Charlotte Elliott and Lone Sorensen. Both are PhD Candidates at the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds. Charlotte and Lone are also both Research Assistants on WP2 for the MeCoDEM project, and co-coordinators of the MeCoDEM Early Career Researcher Network.